SEO Services

The ultimate search engine would basically understand everything in the world, and it would always give you the right thing. And we're a long, long ways from that. -Larry Page

To develop a user friendly and an easy to implement search engine optimization services for small and medium enterprises, our industry specific experts take extraordinary business approaches to provide big results without the big business price tag.

According to us, "SEO is more than just high rankings or first page ranks". A right and good SEO helps ensure that your target audience find your website and get relevant useful content once they assure, once they are on your website, they are more likely to be engaged by product/services, which ultimately turns into real conversion.

Our team of highly skilled and experiences experts can help you in optimizing your web presence with right and relevant tools as per your industry vertical. Be it keyword analysis or content creation, we are at our best to deliver you a complete satisfaction in terms of visibility and rankings.

We do not try to tame or game Google or any other search engines, with our hard work and experience, we just try to create lasting, quality, and effective marketing campaigns that are not effected by algorithms changes most of the time. We believe in working hard and create engaging campaigns that drive real traffic and finally useful visibility to our client's web presence. Also we do not try to hide ineffective campaigns behind the name of keywords and social activity.

As per our deep and long experience in this industry we believe that internet marketing is only a hard work and a continues basis activity and making a business succeed on internet is time consuming effort, so that is exactly why you need our solutions and services. We help your business grow, captivate and convert your visitors and audiences. Our SEO services are based on a strategy to attract the right traffic to your web presence, which ultimately become your future, customers, clients and business relationships.

If you are really serious about turning your web presence (be it a website, or a portal) into a powerful, result oriented marketing assets, then we can help you and our industry specific SEO services are tailored to assist you for your specific need and requirement.

Since traffic & search varies from industry to industry, like if we need to search for a capital machinery or an industrial gear on internet, we would definitely get very specific and less traffic, but if we need to search for a apparel or furniture, we would definitely get more general and more traffic. So keeping these experiences of years, we would like to share some facts -

  • To gain from SEO is a process of continuous improvement. It is not a onetime activity.
  • Targeting just a few keywords or a set of keywords is a sure way to fail at SEO.
  • To optimize the website, we need changes to website as well as like building activities, on a regular interval.
  • An effective SEO must drive traffic to your website.


  • We help you to determine the real useful effective keywords of your industry, as per our experience. We find most of the businesses think they know the keywords with that they want to rank their products and services and this is the point where they are wrong most of the times. Being on the top with less traffic generating keyword is not at all going to meet your objective of online marketing, so we need a regular research of more traffic generating keywords to be in the top to attract relevant and related visitors!! And we are best in this effort!
  • We understand your need and expectations and then draw up blue print to your SEO plan according to traffic/search of your industry on internet.
  • The services/strategies plan to gain the results you seek.
  • To track and monitor your SEO plan, to make sure that it is going to meet your goals and expectations.
  • Dominate natural organic web searches, images and videos with our proven techniques.


Competitor SEO Assessment:

  • Accurately assess your website against your competitor’s website.
  • A very useful analysis of the keywords your competitors are targeting.
  • Highlight the gap between your website and your competitor’s website.
  • Suggesting the effective strategy/plan to deal with this competition.



  • To decide on best keywords to target as per industry’s search.
  • To differentiate between short term and long term goal on internet SEO.
  • To structure your website correctly to achieve these goals to make it optimal.
  • To identify key obstacles and design strategies to overcome these goals.
  • To design link building strategy time to time.


  • Review your website in detail to find every technical challenge and risk your website fail.


  • Each month we can undertake link building activities.
  • Provide monthly progress reports.
  • SEO risk assessments according to new updates in technology day by day.
  • Regular performance reviews.
  • Feedback and advice in ways to improve.

SEO Packages:

Our offerings in SEO are subjected to vary according to industry type. Like for a henna manufacturer it is different form the same for a gear manufacturer.

NS10 Mercury NS20 Venus NS40 Earth NS 60 Jupiter NS Custom Sun
Monthly Cost          
No of key phrases 10 20 40 60 Customised
No of pages Optimized Up to 10 pages Up to 20 pages Up to 40 pages Up to 60 pages Customised
No of hours 40 60 100 120 Customised
Pre SEO Ananlysis          
Website Analysis
Keyword Research
Ranking Report
Optimization Process          
Title Tag Optimization
Meta Tag Optimization
Alt Tag Optimization
Anchor Tag Optimization
Header Tag Optimization
Navigation Optimization
Content Optimization
Keyword density check
Bold & Strong word check
Hyperlink Optimization
Image Optimization
Loading Time Optimization
Page size Optimization
Canonical Optimization
Robots.Txt Optimization
Custom 404 Error Page
Google Sitemap Creation
Bing Sitemap
Google webmaster tools setup
Bing Webmaster Tools Setup
HTML Sitemap creation
XML Sitemap Creation
W3C Validations
Google Analytics Setup
301 Redirect recommendations
Web Crawler Check
Content Duplicacy Check
Off Page Optimization          
Business Directory submissions
Local Directory Submissions
Local Listing Submissions
Social Bookmarking
Social Media Marketing
Ezine Articles
Ezine Submissions
Press Releases
Press Releases Submission
Videos Submission
Infographics Created
Infographics Submissions
Google Analytics Report
Ranking Report
Traffic Report
Submission Report
Full Analysis Report
Audit Report
Off Page Optimization
Optimization Report
Email Support
Chat Support
Satisfaction Support

More Benefits with us.

Industry specific SEO with effective keyword selection process.

Keyword suggestion based on Daily/ Monthly World Searches and Competition.

Practical and very useful approach using keyword effectiveness index (KEI).

Effective keyword targeting and dilution strategies.