92% of Internet users read product reviews and 89% of people say that reviews influence their purchasing decisions. -E Tailing Group-

With the rise of internet, we all know a lots of good things or opportunities are opening up in front of all of us. Sometimes, we see our good name end up in the stranger’s hand or the people we cannot identify. If someone comment something negative on your information, it creates a virtual environment for others to create a perception of you, about your company. And that can really damage your future. So this whole thing brings a new concept of digital reputation. If it is used effectively, digital reputation creates significant opportunities.

A difference of one star in the average rating of a typical online business can lead to a 5% to 9% difference in revenues. -Harvard Business Review


Your search results are your first impression when you google yourself. We help combat negative search results with our proven and effective solutions. You can help you suppress negative search results such as blogs, website content, newspaper articles, business postings etc. We are providing our personal ORM to variety of our customers. They are advocates, doctors, artists, executives, and business executives ...list is long!

So improve your search results with our simple and effective ORM strategy, which involves just few steps. After knowing your goal, we create a content as per that, once content if approved, we keep on optimizing that content to maximize the impact and we push down negative content over time.


A positive information about your products, services and company plays a crucial role in making a brand of yours on internet. Our online reputation management (ORM) team works harder round the clock to ensure that your online presence is protected and highlighted with relevant positive information about your company.

Our solutions help you to create a positive impact on your visitor/ your prospective customer. Our solutions help in creating a positive perception of your company/ brand in mind of visitor which finally encourages a visitor to buy from you, your web presence.

If there is any negative reviews / comments about your company, products or services, our techniques will help you to push down that negative information. It eventually helps to create your real and positive image.

Our ORM team's principle is "TO BUILD REAL POSITIVE IMAGE OF YOUR PRODUCTS, SERVICES AND COMPANY IN MIND OF VISTORS / YOUR PROSPECTIVE CUSTOMERS". Our solutions help to encourage the visitors of your web presence to visit your site again and again and finally to buy your services or products. Our ORM campaigns lead to a great conversation and a revenue growth over a period of time. We serve a broad variety of customers from diverse industry verticals. Few of them are: Automobiles, healthcare, dental, hospitality, retail, property, restaurants etc.

85% of consumers conduct online research before making a purchase and 89% trust online reviews. -Cone Inc.-

ORM Packages:

Over the years, working with a diverse portfolio of customers, we know the importance of reputation in online promotion is one of the most crucial factor for the success. To ensure this success on a continuous basis we are committed to deliver excellence in whatever we do for our clients. We understand the real as well as latent need of the business. Our packages are:

Unique Websites 1 1 1 1
Unique Content 6 12 18 24
Price Per Year $3500 $6000 $7500 $9000

More Benefits with us.

Protect your online reputation with our expertise.

Spread to a large audience the positive information of your products, services and company.

Get access to social networks with our effective ORM strategies to get in touch with your prospective clients.

Retain your existing customers and attract a wider range of potential visitors with our ORM approaches.