Digital Marketing for Herbal & Ayurveda Industry

World Herbal Industry Product’s Market: USD 80 billion with Annual Growth Rate of 7%. By 2050 it will reach 6 trillion. Source: EXIM Bank

The global herbal supplements and remedies market is to hit almost $100 billion by 2015, as GMPs and innovations bolster consumer confidence, says a new report!

Herbal industry is turning around with current good manufacturing practices by FDA, worldwide acceptance of functional foods and innovations in delivery and supply. Long and ancient tradition of herbs use in other cultures and use of herbs as an effective natural alternative in health products and medicines supporting herbal industry’s growth in US and whole world.The Market size of US (US$ 5.4 billion) is more than half the size of herbal products in China (US$ 10 billion). According to Global Industry Analysts, Europe is leading the way for herbal products.

Ayurveda is more of lifestyle than a treatment, has its roots in India. This system which is based on the comprehensive approaches to mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being and whose name literally means ‘the science of life’ has started making ways in the west.

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