SEO Trends in 2016

SEO Trends in 2016

Search Engine Optimization Trends 2016

Mobile optimization will take over Desktop optimization. Following 'mobilegeddon' things have changed. Mobile traffic will become more important now.

There is likely to be a focus on long-tail keywords that could even see better results for pages that contain 'content' in a conversational tone.

"Social content integrated further into search: Google already indexes twitter content, but this trend is likely to become more evident as more social platforms make deals with Google. As a result, your social updates will have a greater chance of showing in search, making now the right time to start placing more emphasis on your social activity."

"Even more local search" - Search is more local than ever. Local indexes of Google become more sophisticated, we are likely to see more specific local results targeting people on their exact locations rather than the cities in which they live.

"Focus on Interactive Content" - Content has long been at the center of SEO, but there is now a growing shift towards interactive content. This could mean more focus on surveys and quizzes that increase engagement which can be especially effective for mobile users.

Growing importance of "Multichannel Content Marketing" - People are increasingly using a range of sources to research businesses.

  • They will read 'Blogs'
  • They look at 'Video sites'
  • See what people are saying about your business on social media.
  • See how you interact on social media and more.
  • It is therefore more important now to focus on a multi-channel content marketing strategies ensure you have a presence where people look for you.

"App Optimization" - "Appstore Optimization"

Greater mobile use means greater app use, and app optimization is something we should seriously start to consider.

Deep thinking is going to become more important in 2016 to help app show up in search engine results.

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