How to reduce social media marketing time for your online branding

How to reduce social media marketing time for your online branding

 Top 5 Smart Tips to Do More Social Media Marketing in Lesser Time

Social media marketing is gaining traction among the businesses aiming to enthrall online customers. It indeed produces great results and helps in building long-term business relationship, but at the cost of considerable time. As per Social Media Marketing Industry Report by Social Media Examiner, social media is the hot place for marketers.

Near about 64% spend more than six hours every week on this platform for marketing purpose, which is quite normal. However, a considerable 41% dedicate around 11 hours for social media marketing, and around 19% spend more than 20 hours per week, which is a startling figure. The moral of the story is - the more a marketer gets experienced, the more time he spends on social media .


Fortunately, it is possible to reduce this time lapse to appreciable extent if you adopt these smart tips.   


1.Be strategic: Prior to marketing, it is important to ascertain your goals, targeted audience, and the social media platforms that you should target for maximum gains.  


2.Schedule your posts: Various automation tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, etc. can help you to schedule your post for future. Though these software are free for basic features, but they do accompany certain charges for advance features.  


3.Divide your time: It is smart to set a specific time for every social media platform you work upon. This will help you retain the productivity and be more purposeful. Tools like Rescue Time, Toogle, and more could be helpful in this regard.  


4.Share Content: If you could mix your original content with those of others, your social profile could turn out to be a strong audience grabbing channel. Experts say it is wise to limit your own content to 20% of your overall share.  


5.Repost content: Publishing around 5 to 10% of your content again, after a certain gap could work well in your favor. It may happen that your most regular followers miss your initial post. In any such case, reposting would be helpful for them, but make sure it is the best one from your side.   


To summarize, you need to be very smart while donning the role of a social media examiner. A slight mistake could tend you to lose too much time. Probably, these tips would act as a lighthouse in your endeavors.   

Happy Socialising !!  

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