How Google finds your website through SEO?

How Google finds your website through SEO?

How Google finds your website through SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an essential part of digital marketing that you can never ignore. Immaterial of the size of your business and organization, SEO plays a vital role in expanding your reach globally in every case. A well-optimized SEO company holds improved visibility as compared to others in the popular search engine platforms like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others.

How Google finds you out?

Following facts will give you an insight into how the search engines like Google are able to index certain websites through SEO.

Impressive design and content: Unique content and engaging web design are the primary essences of any website. Search Engines usually tend to rank the websites based on these two aspects to serve the purpose of SEO users.

Indexing your website: It is important to let the search engine know about your web presence. For this, you need to include your website on Google database or Index for the search engine crawlers to find your existence.

Catchy headlines: The title of your content attracts your potential visitors straightaway, especially those looking for useful contents on the search engines. To cash on this opportunity, Make your title tag informative including two or three keywords to direct viewers

Updating and analyzing the site: Once the search engine includes your website in its index list, it is time for the search engine to decide where and when to show your website to the users. Keep updating your SEO content using SEO friendly keywords in order to grow traffic and improve the ranking time and again.

So now you know how popular search engines like Google find your website using SEO. Therefore, to make your website a brand in content marketing it is important to make your website as much SEO friendly as possible.