Have you tried these Top 6 Tips for Multimedia content optimization

Have you tried these Top 6 Tips for Multimedia content optimization

Top 6 Tips for Result Driven Multimedia content optimization


Search engines are ideal to rank specific keywords, but are they equally efficient in ranking images and videos as well? The answer is ‘No’. Arguably, the processes for optimizing text and parsing multimedia content are quite different. Here are few important tips in this regard.


Top 6 ways for image & video optimization


1.       Alt Tags: It gives the search engines the information about the visual content. The best method is to use a short, sensible and SEO friendly combination of words. <img src= “image-optimization.jpg” alt = “image optimization”/>


2.       File name: With Alt tag optimization, using short and focused name for your image file is also important. Search engines use file name, along with the alt tag to parse the image content and index it for ranking. 


3.       Textual content: The power of text yet again plays its part in enhancing the importance of visual content and ranking your website. Writing short captions in one or two lines would be ideal in this regard. You can also include short paragraphs containing information about the multimedia content as description and surrounding text


4.       Page Title: If you missed adding the requisite content for your visual content for optimization purpose, perhaps including page title would be helpful. The search engines use page title as the foremost indication to define purpose and use of a web page. If you added an image with page title ‘laptop’ but with no description or alt-tag, the Search engine will be prompt enough to relate it to laptop,


5.       Visitor’s participation: It’s good to include a Disqus comment system or a Facebook comment box, etc. to enable the website visitors react to your images and videos? Comments will load your web page with more textual content, hence making it easier for search engines to optimize the image or video.  


6.       Sitemaps: Adding an image sitemap to Google or Bing webmaster tools accounts is another of important tips for image optimization.  You can use image sitemap generators for this purpose, like Xenu.


Abiding by all these image optimization tips would help appreciably in increasing traffic to your website. They comprise an important part of the overall search engine optimization strategy.


-Team Content ( www.netsparrows.com )