First Page Ranking on search engines is a myth or reality?

First Page Ranking on search engines is a myth or reality?

First Page Ranking on search engines is a myth or reality?

Abiding by the right SEO tactics will your website to yield results much higher than social media traffic. But SEO myths have kept hardworking content makers and bloggers from achieving traffic and rankings.

Here are some of the very common myths:

  • Myth 1: Keyword targeting became insignificant after the launch of Google hummingbird
    Reality: Hummingbird proved to be one of the major reasons for the new trends in search traffic. It helped the content marketers to think through a different perspective. 15 % of your ranking works on keyword targeting. If you see your keyword on prior rankings; this indicates that it still matters.

  • Myth 2: XML boosts your rankings
    Reality: to be very frank, there is no surety to this fact. Yes, it does help in indexing web pages faster. As you install the XML for your WordPress site, it won’t boost your rankings but it would ensure a faster access to your web content.

  • Myth 3: Meta tags are irrelevant
    Reality: It is important for content marketers to spend time on meta tagging as it informs the search engine more about your website and its content.

  • Myth 4: Top level domains improve rankings
    Reality: According to researches, TLDs are big culprits in web spamming. But if you haven’t registered for a domain yet, it is better to go with .com or .net as your search would cater to global domains.

With SEO, it is important that you continuously evolve and upgrade. The web is a dynamic platform and it's about experimenting more to learn from your success and failures.

Of course, you can gain first rankings. But the changes won’t reflect overnight, it takes months of hard work instead. In between, the need is to be aware of all such myths.