5 Wowsome Tips to Gain Leads via Twitter, 3rd one is most interesting

5 Wowsome Tips to Gain Leads via Twitter, 3rd one is most interesting

Wowsome Tips to Gain Leads via Twitter, 3rd one is most interesting

Getting leads from Twitter is gaining traction among the tech friendly business owners. If you are also one of them, you would sure be enjoying the juice of this social media platform to the hilt. However, do you know that if you follow some additional tips, you can increase your existing leads to almost double or may be triple? If you are getting tempted, just follow these points right here:

1. Build your targeted audience over Twitter

As per research, 94% of the customers prefer to buy services from companies whom they follow on Twitter. The message here is to follow people who are posting tweets, and retweeting about the topics related to your business. Incredibly, this could help you generate leads with zero budget.

2. Identify the Marketing 3Ps

The 3Ps of marketing include:

Purpose: Tweets that bring you closer to your followers
Personal: Tweets that speak about you and your business
Promotional: Promotional: Tweets that prompt one to buy instantly.

All these work actively for Twitter as well as other social media channels. If your Tweets are good enough to help your followers learn something new, you can earn their trust and likewise, they could become your loyal customers.

3. Why not start a contest?

This is a smart trick to attract the potential customers towards your business. Third party platforms such as Wishpond help you to create entry forms that you can use to launch the contests. If you initiate an interesting drive, like a photo contest, people will tweet and retweet themselves to make your contest viral.

4. Use Twitter ads

This is yet another of the effective methods to earn potential customers. However, before creating ads, make sure to add a relevant image, avoid mentions and use one hashtag at the most. These points would help to make your twitter ads effective.

5. Respond quickly

If any mentions your product or service on twitter to disclose its positive or negative aspect, an instant response to the tweet is highly recommended. When businesses react quickly, it creates a good image among the people.

To sum up, if you want to succeed through your Twitter Marketing campaign, these tips are the best to follow. They will act as a catalyst in helping you get leads.

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