5 Myths about Link Building That you need to get over

5 Myths about Link Building That you need to get over

5 Myths about Link Building That you need to get over

Link building is a traditional and one of the most thriving strategies for getting backlinks. However, it requires oodles of perseverance and patience to get the intended results. Often, you also prefer not to try several things due to their possible harmful consequences. But in reality, they are beneficial for your links building. Here are top 5 of these myths that you need to burst at the earnest:

Too many links from authority websites  

Focusing on sites that thrive in terms of quality, popularity, relevance and authority can in fact help you get genuine links. Hence, even if you get too many links by following such white hat tactics, Google won’t penalize you.

Directly Ask for a link

It is good to ask for quality links by directly asking someone. For instance, you could ask a person to link back to your site while writing a Press Release about your company. However, the problem occurs if you ask for links in exchange favorable reviews, payment, link swaps, etc.

Get multiple links from a single site.

It will only add up to the popularity of your site if you get even 10 links on 10 distinct pages of a same site. In addition, this will also increase traffic to your site, hence supporting your link building campaign. 

Going only after domain authority 

It is not wise to rely always on domain authority (DA) since several sites with high DA score do not get the best of traffics. A new website that has only few links but of high quality is equally good to help your link building goals. It is better not to go after its low domain authority.

An off-topic for your site

A quality article, irrespective of its relevance with your site, could be helpful for your link building campaign. At present, Google bots prefer considering the whole context of a link and the surrounding text instead of looking at the link source or sight relevance. Moreover, your competitors are less likely to have such quality links, which gives you an edge.

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